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  • Monies from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s ACES, SIAP and Major Artist schemes can be used towards individual residency costs. Please check with other funding bodies to confirm if similar arrangements are possible. We are happy to supply information to these bodies, if required. Arrangements for third-party payments must be agreed and in place before you arrive. 

  • The River Mill can only accept 5 overnight residents at any one time and, given these small numbers and the resulting group dynamics, we prefer that couples do not attend together. Visitors and/or partners can drop in to visit briefly but we ask they don’t stay too long, and not overnight.

  • In order that individual residents don’t have to compete with group activities during their stay, Mentored Weeks and Special Events will be scheduled outside of times set aside for Individual Residencies.

Individual Residencies are the mainstay of The River Mill’s business and we offer an atmosphere to meet your creative requirements. Each of the five en-suite bedrooms has a writing desk and reading chair and each is different in decor and in size - the latter being reflected in the pricing plans. The communal spaces within the mill have additional writing and reading areas. Room prices quoted on the website include all meals. 


Please note: there is a 3-night minimum stay


You CAN check availability online BUT WE DO NOT TAKE BOOKINGS ONLINE. Instead, we ask that you email us with your requests and attach this Word Document BOOKING FORM

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