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  • Do I have to be a writer to stay at the mill?
    You need to be engaged in some form of literary activity, be that reading or writing. This isn't a vacation spot, as such. Our Booking Form asks you to declare (briefly) what you'll be engaged with wihile you stay at the mill.
  • What are the parking arrangements?
    In front of the mill, there's room for about three cars and there's room down the side for another three. So, that should cover requirements. It is a remote area with little passing traffic, but of course our neighbours and farm machinery use the road. We don't accept responsibility for any damage to vehicles, or for theft, but both of these are unlikely occurrances.
  • Do you allow pets?
    I'm afraid not. The only possible exception would be a guide dog/medical assistance dog, but it would have to be with the agreement of everyone staying there at the time. (And I'd be happy to make the enquiries)
  • Is there wheelchair access?
    Yes, Room 1 can open directly onto the road and it has a wet room. Access to the downstairs communal spaces is also possible. Room 2, also on the ground floor, doesn't open on to the road but is suitable for wheelchair users. Please note, there isn't a lift to the first floor.
  • Is there a printer?
    Yes. We ask that you contribute to the costs, however: 0.10p per page. There is an 'honesty box' beside the printer.
  • Can couples and /or familes stay at the mill?
    Only if you book the mill for your exclusive use (see Group Rates). And we would want you to be engaged in some form of literary/creative activity during your stay with us. We don't encourage couples to book for Individual Residencies. This can work at larger writing retreats but, given the small numbers at the mill, it might not be conducive to creating the right atmosphere. However, I'm willing to ask residents who have booked for the same dates if they are happy for a couple to stay. And the Master Suite can easily accomdate two people and a second writng desk can be added. For double occupancy, there woud be an additional £30.00 per night charge for this room, or £150.00 per week.
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